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Only five minutes by foot to reach our "Ristorante Trattoria La Carabaccia", 300 meters away from the hotel.

The restaurant's name comes from an age-old recipe, a delicious soup, today considered the highlight of the Trattoria that Caterina de' Medici, wife of the king of France's second son brought with her beyond the Alps (along with artists, artisans and Florentine chefs). Not only, the "carabaccia" is also a small boat shaped like a shell that in ancient times was used to transport sand and salt from one bank to the other of the Arno, the river that crosses Florence.

The Restaurant
The Carabaccia is at the end of Via Palazzuolo, almost on the corner with Orti Oricellari. During the beginning of the Eighteenth century it was a tavern, where the "renaioli" (or sandpit workers of the Arno) and artisans, towards "i’tocco" (1 pm in Florentine dialect), would meet for a break or at the end of the day to enjoy small snacks made of "crostini" (toasted bread) "fettunte" (toasted garlic bread) and to have a good glass of wine in good company. In 1972 the tavern became a trattoria serving typical Tuscan dishes achieving a widespread success. In 2007 La Carabaccia becomes a restaurant, bigger, with more tables, more services and a 50 sqm kitchen. The kitchen is like it once was, typically Tuscan, with just a pinch of innovation.

The furniture is Florentine country style, characterized by age-old copper kitchenware, ceramic china and wooden poor art objects that look really good along the walls, whilst the straw chairs and large solid wood tables, well spaced out from each other, allow for comfort and discretion. All these things may also be found outdoors, during the mild season, in the delightful and large terrace.

The big coal grill, the restaurant's pride and joy, is a must for the preparation of the Fiorentina, the famous cut of meat which is one of the Carabaccia's specialties. The cuisine is traditional Tuscan with a few modifications of some Florentine dishes but without ever leaving out seafood dishes and always respecting the freshness of raw materials and seasonal products.


In a wonderful timeless atmosphere, it is the privileged place for wine tasting, confidential business meetings or for private and romantic dinners.
Dating back to the seventeenth century, the wine cellar has brick cross vaults, terracotta tiled flooring, niches set inside the walls and walls made of Arno stone (known as pilloli). In the corners of the vaults there are terracotta tiles bearing the coat of arms of age-old Florentine noble families.
In this splendid environment Tuscan red wines and over 100 labels of selected regional Italian wines are preserved.

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